Perfect Planted Presents

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Are you looking for a gift for a friend, loved one or colleague, perhaps to mark a significant birthday, celebrate an anniversary or commemorate a loss? Plants make wonderful presents for all occasions, and come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Whatever the occasion, we can recommend a planted gift to match. Whether your recipient is a green-fingered expert or a garden novice, whether you're looking for a plant that will eventually grow into a full-sized fruit tree, or something to be kept in a pot on a windowsill, growing gifts are the perfect way to show you care, and provide lasting pleasure to your lucky loved one.

We think that the perfect planted present should be three things:

1. Beautiful. Almost all plants fit this description, but as we've selected plenty of flowering and fruiting plant varieties in our gift range, there are some particularly striking options available.

2.  Useful. As gluttonous gardeners, many of the plants and trees we sell are useful for producing food, drinks and other produce.

3. Low maintenance. Although all plants require some looking after, full care instructions are included with all our gifts for gardeners, and none of the plants we offer are particularly troublesome to care for.

Significant meanings

Many plants take on a greater significance when given in the context of particular events or occasions. Take roses, for example: the meanings of various colours of roses are steeped in tradition. Red roses symbolise love, and make a lovely gift for a spouse or partner, or to a couple celebrating an engagement or anniversary; white roses are often taken to mean innocence and purity, and are given following a bereavement, or to symbolise remembrance. Plants and trees can also be seen as symbolic in the way they provide a constant, living reminder of your love and generosity.

Brightening indoor and outdoor spaces

Whatever kind of plant you choose, it's bound to brighten and bring colour and cheer to any space. Many of the plants and trees we've chosen as fabulous gift ideas are flowering plants, but these flowers last much longer than any expensive cut bouquet. Maybe you're looking for a remembrance gift for someone who has suffered a bereavement, a housewarming present to help your recipient settle in, or perhaps a thoughtful gift for a special birthday. Our present suggestions not only look beautiful while they're growing, but they're also exquisitely packaged, destined to impress even before the box is opened.

There are lots of reasons why plants make perfect presents, including their eco-friendly origins, glorious appearance and enduring quality. With a little care and attention, your generous gift can last for years to come, and will be appreciated far more than a traditional box of chocolates or vase of cut flowers.

Thursday 9th July, 2015