Personalised Gifts for a Lasting Commemoration

First Tree Slate

The trend for giving unique or personalised gifts is growing ever more popular here in the UK. We have the perfect personalisable presents at The Gluttonous Gardener to satisfy that need.

No longer is it sufficient to give someone a box of chocolates they should be luxury chocolates iced with a special message unique to the recipient. Cufflinks make a lovely present for any man who likes to look his best, but he'll look even better if they're engraved with his initials or include the miniature handprint of his child.

We understand that by making a gift personal, it becomes even more special and thoughtful it shows that time and effort has been spent on choosing the perfect present and then making it unique.

At Glut, we can now make any of our wonderful growing gifts personalised, so that your lucky recipient not only has a living reminding of you and your generosity, but its also there in black and white for them to read too. We can engrave any message you like onto a slate plaque or plant marker, which will come in its own presentation box within your plant crate, ready to be displayed alongside the tree or bush once its planted out in the garden.

This is a particularly popular option for our plants which are designed for really significant occasions, like a birth or marriage, or for remembrance. Take a look at our Personalised Under the Gooseberry Bush, a gorgeous idea for a new baby. The quality wooden crate containing a healthy growing gooseberry bush is engraved with a name, date or message of your choice, and can then be reused as attractive storage for toys, baby mementos or other items. Whether you're commemorating a wedding, or finding comfort in your garden following a bereavement, the Rosemary for Remembrance makes a beautiful and traditional evergreen gift. You have a choice of personalisation options here, from a slate stake to an engraved box, so that the aromatic Rosemary bush will always hold a special significance. Added extras for even more excitement!

Whichever planted present you purchase from us, and whether you opt for additional personalisation or not, you can customise it even further by adding to your crate with a selection of extra items. From a bottle of bubbly to a box of chocolates, or even a pair of garden secateurs to help your recipient care for their gift, this is a brilliant way to create something utterly unique, which they're guaranteed to appreciate.

Go Bespoke for Business

Make the right impression with your clients, staff or even journalists! We can help you come up with a range of creative personalised ideas for displaying your logo or brand alongside a growing gift. Whether its a one-off or you need to cater for a large number of recipients , our gift are sure to impress.

Monday 24th August, 2015