Celebrate wedded bliss with a modern take on traditional flowers and fruits

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Its customary to give flowers and fruit as presents for anniversaries, whether you're giving to your own partner or spouse to commemorate the occasion, or to another couple. In the UK, we have traditional gifts for each year.

Where the first anniversary signifies paper, and the sixtieth suggests diamonds. It's the fourth anniversary when fruits and flowers are particularly traditional, but they make a thoughtful and significant anniversary gift for couples celebrating any number of years of wedded bliss.

Anniversary blooms to last a lifetime

If you know a special couple celebrating a lifetime of love, why not break away from tradition this year? If diamonds, rubies and sapphires are beyond your budget, you can still give a wonderful token to commemorate the occasion. The Silver Wedding Anniversary Crate, the Ruby Wedding Anniversary Crate and the Golden Wedding Anniversary Crate each contain a beautiful rose bush in the appropriate colour, along with a personalised engraved slate plant plaque, so your generosity will always be remembered along with the date. These exceptional roses come with care and cultivation instructions so they can continue to bloom for many years to come, just like the love of that special couple.

An abundance of fruit

A fruit basket is a lovely gift to receive: it looks impressive and tastes delicious. However, fruit baskets don't last as the contents are quickly consumed, and that's the end of that. How about giving a modern twist on the traditional gift fruit, by sending a living fruit tree or plant, which will provide the happy couple with a bountiful harvest of their favourite crop year after year? One of our favourite fruiting plant to give for any anniversary is the Passion Flower. Its name is wonderfully appropriate, and the exotic blue blooms are simply stunning.

The best of both worlds

While we enjoy celebrating in traditional ways, the modern approach we take to gift-giving here at Glut means we can enjoy a beautiful plant which will last for years, while still having the instant delight of a tasty edible or drinkable treat to enjoy straight away. Any of our anniversary gifts can be added to with your choice from a range of fabulous wines champagnes or chocolates, to make them even more special. If you're feeling particularly generous, or perhaps looking for a unique wedding gift, or something really memorable as an anniversary present for your spouse, a Year of Gluttonous Gardener Gifts is perfect. Every month for a whole year, we'll send a beautifully presented planted gift from Glut, so your lucky recipient can enjoy wonderful trees, plants and edibles all year long.

Thursday 23rd July, 2015