Growing Gifts Are Great! Top Reasons to Choose Trees as Gifts

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The market for unique, quirky, unusual and memorable gifts is growing ever larger and more and more varied. Gone are the days when you could get away with buying novelty socks or generic bubble bath as a special present! At The Gluttonous Gardener, we're finding that more customers than ever are choosing to give trees and plants as gifts. Here's why:

Kind to the environment

We're always being encouraged to consider our carbon footprint and think of how we can make the world a better and more beautiful place for future generations. Giving a tree as a present is eco-friendly, sustainable, and above all, green! Not only that, the packaging we use on all of our gifts is all recyclable and reusable, so there's no waste. We even go as far as offering some fantastic ideas for making the most of your packaging materials once your tree has been unwrapped!

A gift that lasts

All too often, you'll spend precious time and money finding the perfect gift for your loved one, only to find it's consumed, outgrown, dated or otherwise finished-with, pretty quickly.

When you give a tree as a gift, you certainly won't have that problem! Trees are permanent reminders of a special occasion, along with your love and generosity in giving the gift. Take the Round the Mulberry Bush gift, for example, which we market as the perfect present for new babies. Properly planted and cared for, that mulberry tree could live for over 75 years, providing delicious fruit and year-on-year enjoyment. How many cuddly bears can do that?!

Tasting great as well as looking great!

As our name suggests, we love home-grown food, and many of the beautiful trees we sell produce delicious fruits for your recipient to enjoy harvesting each year. From blueberries, blackberries and figs to more exotic fruits like oranges and lemons, we have a bountiful selection to suit all tastes and occasions. Take a look around our range of Giftsfor wonderful gift ideas which will be bursting with flavour year after year. We know it can sometimes be hard to wait for a tree to fruit for the very first time, so we include a tempting edible portion in most of our growing gifts, such as a pot of jam, a bottle of gin or other treat.

Appearances count

If you're looking for a fabulous all-round gift which looks good at any time of year, trees are definitely the way to go! Their changing appearance as the seasons progress means a lucky recipient will often get the benefit of beautiful blossom, lush leafy green goodness as well as flavoursome fruits. A lasting symbol of your thoughtfulness, trees look impressive as gifts, as well as in their own right as they grow and thrive in your recipients garden.

Trees bring life, colour and beauty into outdoor spaces all over the country. If the person you're buying for doesn't have a large garden, that's no problem as many of our tree and plant gifts grow equally well in pots. For a personal, unique and permanent keepsake gift, trees really do come out on top!

Monday 6th July, 2015