Making a House a Home, Great Housewarming Gifts

Ancient Fruit Example

Plants make a fantastic choice for housewarming gift, to welcome new neighbours to your street or to congratulate friends of family who are moving to a new house. Here are our top 5 reasons why trees and plants make great tokens to give for a housewarming.

1. Planted presents make life easy for the recipient.

If you give someone who has just moved into a new home a bunch or bouquet of cut flowers, lovely as they are, the first thing your loved one need to do is find somewhere to put them. They might not have had the opportunity to unpack even the essentials like the kettle and teacups yet, let alone vases or jugs suitable for containing and displaying flowers.

This Rosemary for Remembrance comes ready potted in a large terracotta pot, and is no effort at all for your lucky recipient to place in the garden.

2. No risk of duplicates.

You won't need to worry whether your recipient already has a Rosebush, or if someone else might be planning to give an identical gift. There's no such thing as too many plants, in our opinion. More vines means more wine, so alcohol aficionados will appreciate the Red Wine and Vine Crate, whether they have a bare garden waiting to be filled, or happen to be moving into a property complete with an established vineyard!

3. Practical and pretty at the same time.

Plants, whether kept inside or out, have all sorts of uses: they're good for our physical health as well as emotional well-being, reducing stress and promoting feelings of happiness. They look good, don't need to tone in with someone's choice of décor or colour scheme, and make people happy at the same time.

Spread a little cheer with the Rose Box, and your loved one can enjoy beautiful scented blooms in their new garden.

4. Something to sustain them while they settle in.

One of the most unique things about housewarming gifts from Glut is that we pair our planted presents with delicious edible extras, so your lucky recipient can have a tasty treat to enjoy while they wait for the first crop or bloom from their new plants. From the scrumptious strawberry and champagne jam we include with The Strawberry Bed, to a cheeky tipple of artisan gin with Go Sloe, there's something for every taste. 

Our witty foodie inclusions make your planted present even more personal.

5. A growing reminder of your generosity.

Unlike cookies and cakes, which vanish within minutes with a hungry family around, or cut flowers which wilt within a week, by sending a plant or tree you're giving a thoughtful gift which will flourish and grow for years to come. Your loved ones will be reminded of you and your clever gift choice every time they look out into the garden, or taste the harvests from a fruiting plant.

With proper care and attention, the tree we include in The Mulberry Crate, for example, could live for 75 years or more!

Tuesday 28th July, 2015