Father's Day Gardening Gifts


Be sure not to forget Dad this Father's Day, whether he's a green fingered demon or a whizz in the kitchen we have the perfect gifts to send.....15th June in case you'd forgotten.

Both at Glut HQ in Battersea and our nursery in Newbury, we're getting ready to send our gorgeous gifts to deserving Dads up and down the country this Father's Day. We've been delighting Father's for over 20 years and our gifts are guaranteed to not only delight instantly but provide him with a constant growing reminder of your love for him for years to come.

We've put together a few of the office favourites below for some inspiration. 

Head Glutton Ned has chosen the Red Wine and Vine Crate as his ideal gift to receive this Father's Day. When he created this popular gift over 15 years ago he specifically sourced us a fantastic grape vine which is ideally suited to our fickle climate. This dual purpose grape variety means that even if Dad doesn't fancy having a go at making his own wine, his grapes can be eaten straight from the vine. This vine can also be grown in a pot meaning that even with the smallest of outdoor spaces he can have his very own vineyard and in time produce his first bottle of wine.

Queen Bee Sally has chosen The Strawberry Bed Crate  to send to her preserve making Dad this Sunday 15th June. Not just reserved for the likes of the WI this gift will ensure any lucky Dad has a bumper crop of delicious strawberries ready to turn into delicious jams and puddings (that's if they make it from the garden into pot without being eaten first).  We have chosen a wonderful variety favoured by PYO Farms nationwide for their delicious taste and bumper crops and again are ideal for any size garden.

Head of the Packers Katrin who ensures all of your gifts are beautifully and lovingly packed ready to impress has chosen our Give a Fig crate to send to her gardening loving Dad. Enjoying the play on words to show she really does "Give a Fig", this is the perfect gift for her to send. The fig tree is surprisingly hardy and given a lovely sunny spot in the garden will in a few years produce delicious figs ready to be plucked from the tree and eaten or preserved for the winter months when we all need a reminder of the summer to get us through the long dark days. For some delicious Boozy Figs when you have glut, you can find Head Glutton Ned's recipe here.

Make it even more personal this Father's Day

We are really excited to have recently introduced the ability to add a fantastic personalised slate plant plaque to your order. Designed on screen by you so you can see how it will look! We will engrave your message onto slate for an enduring addition to your gift. Simply click on the Personalise Gift button on the product page to design your very own personalised plaque to go alongside the plant for years to come.

Tuesday 6th May, 2014