Give a Man a Fish....

Ned and berry

...and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

This well-known phrase can be used to some up one of the fantastic benefits of sending a growing gift from Glut. Except we don't sell fish. Well, only metaphorical ones!

If you have a friend or loved one with a taste for a good-quality wine, or a flavoursome fruit preserve, it makes sense to buy them some for their birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, doesn't it? After all, you know they like it, they'll enjoy drinking or eating it and will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Winning all round!

But wouldn't it be even better to not only give them that bottle of delicious wine, but also to provide them with the means to create their own favourite tipple, year after year, so that they can enjoy home-produced wine from their own garden in future? That's where we come in!

Our bountiful selection of gift ideas all include a living plant or tree ready to be transplanted into a garden or kept in a pot, along with an irresistible edible gift to complement the choice of plant. That way, recipients are able to experience immediate pleasure through their bottle of gin or jar of jam, as well as the enjoyment of tending to and cultivating their plant in order to produce their own edible treats too.

For example, if your colleague can't get through the day without their caffeine hit, the Coffee Lovers Crate is the perfect choice of present on their next birthday. They'll receive a bag of fair trade ground coffee, some scrummy chocolate covered coffee beans, and a wonderful glossy coffee plant in a terracotta pot, which with a little love and care will go onto produce enough beans for a cup or two of the good stuff.

We have gifts for all occasions, tastes and budgets. For those who like a cheeky tipple, consider The Gin Drinkers CompanionGo Sloe, or The Passion PackThe Blueberry Box or The Loganberry Lovers Crate make unusual gift ideas for jam lovers with a taste for something a bit different; or if love is in the air, how about The Rose Box or even A Year of Gluttonous Gardener Gifts, for an extravagant present for year-round excitement?

Gifts from Glut are special because they last, far longer than a bouquet of cut flowers or a jar of jam, so your lucky recipient can always have the joy of healthy, thriving plants in their garden, and the means to create something delicious they've grown themselves.

Monday 17th August, 2015