The New Gifts in Town

Strawberry Jam new gift

We've recently added a couple of new fantastic products to our range that any lucky recipient will be able to turn into the most delicious goodies from jams to crumbles. We thought we would introduce you to these two fantastic new gifts.

We are really excited to have launched some great new products within the last month that will be welcomed into any lucky recipients garden no matter what size space they have. 

The first is our new Rhubarb Crate. This fantastic new gift contains a wonderful potted rhubarb crown ready to plant in the garden or in to a larger pot (we would recommend around a 40ltr sized pot). We have chosen the variety of Victoria known for its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity it will provide great crops year after year.  We looked to one of our favourite suppliers The Wooden Spoon for the perfect accompaniment which we found in their Rhubarb and Ginger Jam, which unsurprisingly to us is delicious!

The second of our new gifts is The Strawberry Bed which contains 6 fantastic strawberry plants ready to plant accompanied by a delicious jar of strawberry jam to enjoy whilst they anticipate their first harvest. We have chosen a variety of strawberry called Cambridge Favourite, an older variety which is often found on pick your own farms. Known to crop well in a wide range of weather conditions these medium sized berries are soft and have a good flavour fruiting mid June to July. With any strawberry we would recommend that they are grown in a container to stop them taking over the garden as they send out new runners each year, making it an ideal gift no matter how small or large the recipients garden is.

Both of these gifts as always come beautifully hand packed in our handsome wooden crates, many of which have by the lucky recipients been turned into even lovelier window boxes.


Wednesday 14th May, 2014