Growing gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2017

Buona Festa della Mamma! Gelukkige Moederdag! Hyvää Äitienpäivä! Felices Día de las Madres! ..and Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is celebrated in Springtime across the world, and as British Mothers Day falls early this year it is now swiftly approaching.

To the person who has helped you grow and flourish, we cant think of a more fitting Mothers Day treat than a gorgeous growing gift, lovingly packed and swiftly delivered to that most special person.

Far more long lasting than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, a gift from The Gluttonous Gardener  will thank your Mum for the years of love and support she's given. From fragrant rose bushes to unusual fruit trees, our range of completely unique plant gifts are (almost) as brilliant and beautiful as your Mum.

All of our gifts arrive in handsome wooden crates, to ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect condition.  We've chosen our favourite gifts for this Mothers Day.

A Box of Roses
Why send a bouquet when you could send a lifetime of beautiful, fragrant roses?

We've carefully chosen this old-fashioned pink shrub rose for its elegant blooms and exceptional fragrance, so its sure to please even the most seasoned rose enthusiast.

Alongside the healthy ready-to-plant rose well nestle a bottle of the finest rose water and a jar of delectable rose petal jam.

The Blueberry Box
Treat your Mum to seasons of juicy home-grown blueberries with this handsome pair of blueberry plants, delivered in terracotta pots.

This fruitful duo will provide delicious crops of indigo-coloured fruits, and will brighten the garden with brilliant displays of blazing pink autumn colour.

Whilst your Mum awaits her first harvest she can tuck into the jar of super-fruity blueberry jam that we nestle inside the crate.

The Gin Drinkers Companion

For a Mum who is particularly particular about her G and T!

Alongside a large bottle of the finest small-batch Gin (distilled just a few minutes from our HQ), well send a pair of the handsome evergreen juniper bushes which bear the small dark berries that give gin its distinctive flavour.

We, of course, also provide a supply of fresh lemons and recipes for mixing the perfect Gin & Tonic and Dry Martini.

A Crate of Ancient Fruits 
For the Mum who is Young at Heart! Both Medlar and the Quince are enjoying something of resurgence as British gardeners rediscover the virtues of these attractive and fruitful trees.

With their showy blossoms and unusual fruits this pair of trees are a marvellous addition to any garden.

Ideal for gardening and food enthusiasts, your Mum will love creating delicious rose-coloured jams and jellies with her harvest of ancient fruits.

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Friday 19th February, 2016