Father's Day Gifts as brilliant as your Dad!

Father's Day 2017

Father's Day Gifts as brilliant as your Dad! Not sure which of our Father's Day gifts to choose? We've compiled our top ten presents that we guarantee will delight your Dad, however tricky he is to buy for!

The Ancient Fruits Crate Spoil your Dad with two unusual and eccentric trees, once familiar in British gardens this exceptional pair are now sadly uncommon. Medlar and Quince trees will bear stunning spring blossoms and crops of curious fruits for seasons to come.

The Extra Fig Crate A handsome fig tree will thrive in even the smallest of places, displaying striking foliage and bearing tasty fruits.  Whilst he awaits his first harvest your Dad can tuck into the jar of finest fig jam and the remarkably tasty fig truffles we nestle alongside the tree.

Go Sloe Remind your dad to have break from all his hard work and take it sloe on Fathers Day. He can wet his whistle with the bottle of finest small-batch sloe gin, inspiring him as he grows sloes for a home grown tipple of his own.

The Olive Enthusiast's Kit Despite its Mediterranean origins this elegant evergreen will thrive in a British garden. If your Dad is fond of fine foods hell appreciate this bottle of organic olive oil produced by a family farm in the hills of Catalonia, growing olives on trees which are up to 200 years old.

The Blueberry Box Did you know that blueberries can thrive in the UK? Well deliver a pair of beautiful blueberry plants which will bear tasty crops of this brilliant little berry for seasons to come, alongside a jar of the very best blueberry jam.  Blueberries are simple to grow so no green fingers required!

The Gin Drinker's Companion If your Dad is partial to a good G&T hell be delighted by this unique gift. Alongside a pair of healthy juniper bushes and a supply of fresh lemons, well deliver a large bottle of award-winning sw4 gin, distilled in small batches just a few steps away from our HQ in Battersea  this is sure to please the choosiest gin connoisseur.

The Coffee Crate For the Dad who is a budding barista- this handsome coffee plant will produce a harvest of beans for a home-grown espresso. We provide a bag of the finest fair trade ground coffee and a bag of delectable chocolate-covered coffee beans.

The Jam Garden Recall fond memories of afternoons spent blackberrying. Alongside the familiar blackberry plant we send the more unusual loganberry- a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry which is seldom seen in shops but makes the most superb jam. This fruitful pair are accompanied by a wooden spoon engraved with your personal message for your Dad.

The Rhubarb Crate The spectacular pink stems so beloved of the British gardener will make exceptional pies and tarts. The healthy rhubarb crown arrives accompanied by a jar of indescribably tasty rhubarb and ginger jam.

The Strawberry Crate You cant beat the sweetness of home grown British strawberries. Spoil your Dad for summers to come with six healthy strawberry plants and a jar of exceptional strawberry and champagne jam.

Monday 6th June, 2016