It must be love!

Valentine's Day 2016

The origins of Valentine's remain unclear with some scholars citing the martyrdom of numerous Christians.

Valentine of Terni who, according to legend, died on February 14th and Valentine of Rome who is said to have been arrested for carrying out secret weddings, are two of the most well-known. Others claim the origins of Valentines Day pre-date Christianity and can instead be traced back to Lupercalia- the Pagan celebration of fertility celebrated between 13th and 15th February.

While the exact origins of Valentines Day remain a mystery, the perfect gift for your true love doesnt have to be. If a bunch of cut flowers is a traditional romantic gift, why not say it with flowers which will thrive and flourish for years to come?

For the price of a bouquet of red roses well deliver a gorgeous growing gift to your sweetheart, in one of our handsome wooden crates.

Our Rose Box is the perfect gift for a traditional romantic. As soon as spring has sprung the healthy rose bush will burst into flower with elegant, exceptionally fragrant, pink blooms.

Someone who likes things a little more exotic will adore our Passion Pack, a beautiful climbing passion plant which will bear impossibly beautiful flowers throughout the summer. Alongside the plant we send a slate plant-marker engraved with your choice of romantic message.

Take a peek at our large collection of original and beautiful plant gifts for more inspiration. Or give our award-winning customer service team a call and we'll help you choose the perfect way to say "I Love You."

Monday 1st February, 2016