Plants by Post

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The trend for giving plants as gifts is growing, and not just bouquets of cut flowers and windowsill pot plants, it's becoming more and more commonplace to send bushes, trees and all sorted of growing gifts through the post these days.

Thestory of Glut and our mission to send perfectly presented plants through the post began over 20 years ago, when Head Glutton, Ned Trier, found himself in yet another frustrating traffic jam as he delivered plants to a client. He devised a service for sending plants as gifts while avoiding the traffic, and Glut was born!

Here we highlight some of the priorities to consider when packing a planted present, and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Help the plant survive the journey

Of course, the main thing we need to ensure when sending our plants to their lucky new owners is that they arrive in one piece, and not crushed, squashed or broken. The first task is to choose a box sturdy enough to withstand a bit of manhandling as its moved from one place to another and knocked about in the back of a van.

Secondly, we need to use a packing material which will cocoon the precious plant and protect it from any damage. We always send our gifts for gardeners by overnight courier to minimise any exposure to extremes of temperature, and time away from vital water and light.

Arrive looking presentable

Its not enough to simple pop the plant in a box, stick a label on the front and send it off. We want to ensure that whenever you order a plant as a surprise for a lucky loved-one, they're delighted even before they know what's in the box. That's why we at Glut make every effort to make the outside of the packaging look just as special as the present inside.

The Glut experience

We're rather proud of the way we package our plants. Firstly, we use an attractive wooden crate which is designed primarily to protect delicate plants and has a whole host of other uses you could consider once you've unwrapped it. We then pack all plants as well as edibles in wood-wool to keep them safe from knocks and jolts. Wood wool is one of the best and most natural packing materials around, and you can compost it or use it for pet bedding once your gift has arrived safely.

Vitally, it doesn't compact when it gets damp, so it's ideal for use in transporting plants and trees. We then hand-tie the crates with raffia bows to keep them secure and make them look even more present-worthy, so they arrive in amazing condition to delight, inspire and provide years of pleasure.

Thursday 16th July, 2015