4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Fruit and Flowers


Fruit and Flowers is the traditional theme to celebrate a 4th Wedding Anniversary. Our gifts naturally lend themselves to being the perfect representation of just this so Sally has chosen her favourite gifts perfect for this occasion and briefly explained their romantic significance.

When it comes to celebrating four years of wedded bliss traditionally fruit and flowers are sent to celebrate a 4th Wedding Anniversary   which is why a gift from The Gluttonous Gardener is the answer.

Why send a bouquet of flowers or basket of exotic fruit when our witty combinations of plants and edibles will provide not only instant delight but continue to grow for years to come acting as a constant reminder of your generosity and last long into your marriage.

Passion Pack 

Perhaps one of the most exotic and beautiful flowers to thrive here in the UK, the passion flower was incredibly popular in Victorian times and was also used by missionaries using the various flower parts as symbols of the last days of Jesus and in particular his crucifixion. This vine will grow quickly and will gladly fill a trellis, wall or even an old tree stump with it's stunning flower display.

The Medlar Crate 

This wonderful fruit tree that fruits and flowers at the same time, delicate white blooms and russet brown fruit adorn the tree. From these gnarly fruit, its copper-pink pulp which has a complex flavour can be turned into the most beautiful rose coloured jellies. In France they are known as cul-de-chien which gives the medlar fruit its affinity with the bawdy and lewd. Famous in Paris for their crude banter and smutty panter, medlar sellers would draw large crowds. Accompanying their medlar tree the lucky recipient will also receive a fantastic jar of medlar jelly.

Wild Strawberry Crate 

There couldn't be a more delicious berry to represent love with it's heart-shaped berry and passionate red colouring. In Shakespeare's Othello, Venetian beauty Desdemona's handkerchief is decorated with symbolic strawberries and is commonly used as a symbol for Venus, Goddess of Love. This wonderful plant also produces beautiful delicate white blooms before fruiting and will do well in any size garden, whilst you await your first fruit you can enjoy the delicious strawberry and champagne jam that this gift also comes with.

Give a Fig 

The fig is both a fruit and a flower and like Adam and Eve will provide you with the original form of clothing. When the summers are warm you can both delight in plucking a warm ripe fig from your tree and either enjoying as it is or turning it into delicious dishes both sweet and savoury. You might even like to try our delicious recipe for boozy figs. This wonderful gift comes with a young fig tree in a terracotta pot complete with the most delicious jar of fig jam to enjoy instantly.

Rose Box 

Roses are most commonly associated with love, beauty and romance and whilst a bouquet of roses is a wonderful gesture we think a gift which for the same cost provides a lifetime of freshly cut roses is even better. This gift will provide the lucky recipient with the most beautifully scented roses each summer for years to come. We supply an old fashioned shrub rose which has delicate pink blooms and is delivered ready to plant. It comes together with a jar of rose petal jam and rose water to enjoy more instantly.

The Blackberry Box 

Whilst best enjoyed straight from the bush, you can often be left with many thorns in your purple stained fingers. The thornless blackberry bush will reward the recipient with delicious berries but without the painful thorns. Delivered ready to plant, accompanied with a delicious a jar or blackberry and apple jam which can be enjoyed on hot buttery toast on your anniversary morning.

We hope you you will find a wonderful gift that can celebrate a loved ones 4th Wedding Anniversary, you can even personalise your gift further with an engraved plant slate which can go alongside the plant and act as a constant mark of your love.  Delivery can be made on the date of your choice to any UK address and into Europe.

Friday 13th February, 2015