The Cat Lovers’ Garden

Do you know someone who loves to spoil their four-legged friend? This personalised gift will help them to grow a stunning herb garden that their cat will adore.

Inside a beautifully decorated presentation box the cat lover will find a trio of seed packets to grow Catnip, Catmint and Valerian, and a large personalised slate to hang alongside their flourishing herbs.

This fragrant trio are prized by felines and when sniffed or eaten provoke excitement and happiness, which gives way to tranquil relaxation.

Our high quality seeds are specially chosen by our experienced gardener for their exceptional fragrance, and are accompanied by full growing instructions.

What is inside the box?

  • Three full-size packets of seeds: Catmint, Valerian and Catnip
  • Large garden slate (24.5 x 10cm)
  • Gift card printed with your message
  • Gift box