Grow Your Own Wildflower Meadow

This personalised gardening gift will brighten any garden with a spectacular seasonal display of beautiful British wildflowers that attract wildlife.

Inside a beautifully decorated presentation box, the recipient will find enough seeds to cover an area of ten square metres and a large personalised slate to hang alongside their flourishing flower garden.

Our high quality seeds were specially chosen by our experienced gardener for the brilliant colour and exceptional beauty of their bountiful blooms, and are accompanied by growing instructions.

What is inside the box?

  • 10g (for ten square metres) of wildflower seeds: Corn Chamomile (white), Corn Cockle (pink), Cornflower (blue), Corn Marigold (yellow) and Corn Poppy (red)
  • Large garden slate (24.5 x 10cm)
  • Gift card printed with your message
  • Gift box