The Edible Flower Garden

This is a unique gift for anyone who would enjoy growing beautiful and delicious flowers.

Inside a beautifully decorated presentation box the recipient will find a trio of seed packets to grow a plot of stunning and delicious flowers, together with a personalised slate to hang alongside their flourishing garden.

The flower petals are perfect for using as decorations or infusing flavour to syrups, cakes, cocktails, salads, soups and breads, and may be crystallised or dried. Included are:

- Marigold: gorgeous golden pom-poms which impart a peppery, citrusy taste.

- Viola: pretty flowers, which grow in delicate drifts of lilac and rich plum. They have a slightly sweet lettuce-like, grassy and floral flavour.

- Nasturtium: wide, tender leaves and brilliant trumpet-shaped petals that taste slightly sweet with a peppery, spicy finish.

Our high quality seeds were specially chosen by our experienced gardener for their beauty and culinary virtues, and are accompanied by growing instructions and recipes.

What is inside the box?

  • Three full-size packets of seeds: Nasturtium / Viola / Marigold
  • Large garden slate (24.5 x 10cm)
  • Gift card printed with your message
  • Gift box