Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden Gift Box

This gift is perfect for any tea lovers in your life as it contains everything needed to grow a thriving herb tea garden; ensuring a fresh supply of fragrant and flavoursome foliage.

The tea enthusiast will enjoying brewing herbal tisanes with the finest quality dried Chamomile flowers and Lemon Verbena leaves, whilst they wait for the seeds we supply to grow into healthy Peppermint and Fennel plants.

What is inside the box?

  • Packet of Fennel seeds (ready-to plant)
  • Packet of Peppermint seeds (ready-to-plant)
  • Dried Chamomile flowers
  • Dried Lemon Verbena leaves
  • Full growing instructions and recipe
  • Happy growing in a pot
  • Fragrant
  • Hardy
  • Edible