Herbal Tea Hamper

Do you know someone special who deserves their own supply of fresh, fragrant and soothing herbal teas?

Order our classic Herb Tea Crate and we'll send the lucky recipient a Lemon verbena plant and a Peppermint plant in handsome terracotta pots. Infused in boiling water, these beautiful herbs are perfect for making comforting and reviving brews.

Alongside this fragrant duo we’ll also carefully pack a tea infuser ball and a supply of calming dried camomile flowers.

What is inside the crate?

  • Lemon Verbena plant in a terracotta pot
  • Peppermint plant in a terracotta pot
  • Tea infuser ball
  • Bag of camomile tea
  • Packet of camomile seeds
  • Care instructions and tea brewing tips
  • Happy growing in a pot
  • Fragrant
  • Half-hardy