The Moroccan Mint Tea Crate

The bright, refreshing fragrance of an authentically made Moroccan mint tea has the power to both revive and soothe. A fresh supply of this heavenly tea is a great gift for a special someone who'd love to be transported to somewhere a little more exotic.

A beautiful true Moroccan Mint plant in a terracotta pot will be delivered alongside a pair of Moroccan tea glasses, a generous supply of green tea and a bag of lump sugar. Full care instructions and recipes are provided, making it easy for the lucky recipient to brew the perfect Kasbah Cuppa!

What is inside the crate?

  • A true Moroccan Mint plant in a terracotta pot
  • A packet of green tea
  • A supply of lump sugar
  • Two ornate Moroccan glasses
  • Full care and growing instructions
  • Happy growing in a pot
  • Fragrant
  • Hardy