Get Stuffed Herb Garden

This winter, up your stuffing game and delight your friends and family with our classic evergreen trio of home-grown herbs.

Fresh herbs have always formed the bedrock of the very best stuffings. Glossy rosemary is a traditional accompaniment to lamb, chicken and potato. Silvery-green sage is excellent with pork and vegetables and citrusy lemon thyme beautifully complements beef and fish.

What is inside the crate?

Treat yourself or someone special to a Get Stuffed herb garden and take those roasts to a whole new level.

  • Rosemary plant in a terracotta pot
  • Sage plant in a terracotta pot
  • Lemon thyme plant in a terracotta pot
  • Full growing instructions
  • Happy growing in a pot
  • Fragrant
  • Hardy
  • Edible