The Five-Spice Pepper Crate

The pink Szechuan pepper is a non-tropical variety which will grow happily outdoors in temperate climes. It’s most famously used in the classic five-spice blend that forms the heart of Szechuan cooking, where its tingly, warm heat and lemony overtones is often described as an experience as well as a flavour.

Tucked alongside a healthy, ready-to-plant Szechuan pepper plant, the lucky recipient will find a collection of dried aromatics to blend into their own fragrant five-spice powder while they await their first harvest.

What is inside the crate?

  • Potted Szechuan pepper plant
  • Dried Szechuan peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon, fennel seeds and cloves
  • Recipe for five-spice powder
  • Full care and growing instructions
  • Happy growing in a pot
  • Fruit
  • Hardy