Twisted Fire Starters

wood wool example

In the past we have written about the multitudinous uses of all parts of our packaging but we think that this is the best yet!

All of the Gluttonous Gardener crates are carefully packaged with the cocooning excellence of natural wood-wool. We have in the past written about the multitudinous uses of wood-wool from using it around the base of your strawberry plants to keep the bugs and slugs away or for bedding for the family rabbit but we think this latest discovery is the best yet and perfect timing for the BBQ season!

It turns out that our wood-wool makes the perfect eco firelighter for BBQ's in the summer and cosy fires in the winter months. The trouble with conventional firelighters is that they can leave your hands and even worse, if used in a pizza oven or a barbecue, your food, with a chemical taint. Head Glutton Ned details below how when in receipt of one of our beautiful gifts you can turn your wood-wool into fantastic eco-firelighters.

What you will need:

Some old candle ends
A saucepan Sturdy gardening or heat proof gloves
Paper (that lined your Gluttonous Gardener Box)

How To Make your own Eco-Firelighters:

Prepare a work area with the sheet of waxed paper included within your crate

Twist and roll handfuls of wood-wool in to rough sausages

Put your candle ends in the saucepan and melt them over a medium hear till they are a puddle of liquid with a few wicks lurking in the bottom

Putting on your gloved, dip in your wood-wool 'Sausages' in to the wax making sure they are well dunked on all sides, and lay them on the wax paper to set

When cool chop them in half with a strong pair of scissors/secateurs and voila....... the perfect firelighter

Using your Eco-firelighter:

When your ready to use them on the BBQ, place two amongst the coals to light a barbecue and one amongst the kindling which can be made from your smashed up Gluttonous Gardener crate to start any kind of fire.
Friday 4th July, 2014