Flip tips!

Pancake Day 2017

Make Shrove Tuesday flipping brilliant with these 10 steps to cooking pancakes with panache.

1. Its important to begin with a really hot, non-stick pan. Use unsalted butter (never oil) to lightly grease the surface.

2. Ladle in a scoop of your batter and watch it bubble enticingly in the pan. You can begin getting excited now.

3. Ensure one side is properly cooked before even considering attempting that first flip.

4. Shake the pan to loosen your pancake, then slide it gently towards the far edge of the pan.

5. At this point its essential to have someone ready to snap a photo of your impressive, or disgraceful, flip.

6. Grip the pan handle at the end. Swiftly, and with confidence, toss the pancake straight upwards.

7. Take a moment to savour the majesty of the airborne pancake, then quickly take up your position for that perfect catch, and hope that it lands in the pan cooked-side up!

8. Pancakes flipped above head height are guaranteed to impress, but cleaning batter off the kitchen ceiling is not, so balance your enthusiasm with a degree of caution.

9. Be persistent. Theres a chance that one or two wont survive (especially if little ones are involved.) Its practically a tradition for the first pancake to be a disaster and might take a few attempts to achieve that perfect flip technique! But  itll be worth the wait- using a spatula is definitely cheating and its scientifically proven* that flipped pancakes are more delicious.

10. Youll have worked up an appetite with your energetic flipping, so now is the time to choose your toppings and tuck in. Its tough to beat the classic sugar and lemon, but the GG team have enjoyed drizzling their pancakes with freshly squeezed Calamondin orange, all that snappy sharpness but with a fragrant orange flavour.

*we may have made that bit up. But flipping is certainly more exciting and fun.

Tuesday 28th February, 2017