Benefits of Outdoor Gardening

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With the summer holidays and warmer weather in full swing, lots of families are spending more time together, doing the things they enjoy. For many, this includes spending time outside in their garden, and the physical and mental benefits of doing so are fascinating.

We all know that exercise is essential for our physical health but surprisingly, research has shown that prolonged light exercise, such as gardening can burn more calories than a trip to the gym. Studies have also found that the average child spends just 16 minutes per day outside,and less than a quarter of children meet the recommended level of physical activity.

But fear not, there are plenty of fun activities to coax even the most technology-obsessed child outside, such as building a bug hotel or a scarecrow. As well as this, undertaking an activity alongside grownups such as digging can build a child's confidence and self esteem. Gardening also promotes a healthy diet as it educates kids about how fruit and vegetables are grown.

Many activities can promote mental wellbeing for all ages, such as planting wildlife-friendly flora to attract butterflies and bumblebees or creating a quiet garden spot for relaxation. Benefits also include reduced stress levels, improved mood and even boosted self-esteem.

The visual guide by KETTLER covers the benefits of outdoor living across all age groups.

Tuesday 31st July, 2018