Congratulations Gardening Gift

A unique gardening gift to celebrate any triumph! The lucky recipient will receive a collection of seeds for a flourishing floral garden, accompanied by a garden slate engraved with your own special message.

Our high quality seeds are carefully chosen by our experienced gardener for their exceptional beauty:

  • Lady’s Lace - delicate cream-coloured petals which grow in cloudy clusters
  • Crazy Daisy - large, blousy blooms with plump golden centres in a halo of pale petals
  • Sunflower - large and cheerful golden flowers that will attract plenty of beneficial insects into your garden

The seeds are accompanied by full growing and care instructions.

What is inside the box?

  • Three full-size packets of seeds: Ammi majus (Lady’s Lace), Chysanthemum (Crazy Daisy) and Sunflower (Sonja)
  • Large garden slate (24.5 x 10cm)
  • Gift card printed with your message
  • Gift box