The Vineyard

An extravagant gift for a wine enthusiast who has space to turn their garden into their very own Vineyard!

Contained within this fantastic gift the lucky recipient will receive twenty ready-to-plant grape vines which have been specially chosen to suit and thrive in our fickle British climate. We have also chosen a dual purpose grape which can also be eaten straight from the vine and made into wine.

The now vineyard owner will also discover within this impressive gift a delicious bottle of award winning Bordeaux wine to give them a sample of future harvests to come and a pair of vine shears for pruning their vines. We hope they invite you over to share their first vintage with you.

Complete with full care and cultivation instructions their vines as well as recipes on how to turn their grapes into wine.

What is inside the crate?

  • 10 Red grape vines delivered root wrapped and ready to plant
  • 10 White grape vines delivered root wrapped and ready to plant
  • A bottle of delicious award winning Bordeaux
  • A pair of vine shears
  • Full growing and cultivation instructions
  • Fruit
  • Hardy