Our Gift and challenge to YOU

giant vegetable

To celebrate the beginning of the seed sowing season, for every order placed between now and 31st March, to say thank you, we will send you some unusual courgette seeds to grow, complete with growing instructions and recipes.

We thought long and hard about what to send and Head Glutton Ned has specially chosen an amusing variety called Tromboncino Albenga which he has personally been growing and enjoying for many years.

Besides being delicious to eat whilst still small (picked at around 30cm), if left to its own devices it can produce fruits of a meter in length, and we rather like the thought of seeing if you can grow the biggest one in our new 'Grow Me' challenge.  We'd love to see your progress on our facebook page and twitter using the tag #GrowMe from tiny seedlings to ginormous courgettes and everything in between!  

How to grow your courgettes

Sow in warm soil in large cells or small pots and transplant 5' (1.5m) apart after last frost. These fantastic seeds can be sown up to early June.

To ensure a bumper crop pick regularly to ensure continuity.

Simply enter in the promotional code TREATME at the checkout when placing your order and leave the rest to us.

Courgette Salad Recipe

All this talk of courgettes and home grown veg has made us rather hungry, we've been dreaming of Head Glutton Ned's Courgette Salad which he created for Country Living Magazine which we share below.


  • Tender young courgettes
  • lemon juice
  • olive oil
  • tarragon leaves
  • salt and pepper
  • day-lily (Hemerocallis) petals 
  1. Use a sharp potato peeler if you have one to shave the courgettes into ribbons, if not a sharp knife will do.
  2. Marinate them in a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, tarragon leaves, salt and pepper.
  3. Just before serving, scatter with the day-lily petals for their flavour and crisp texture.
Thursday 27th February, 2014