Plant Queries - FAQ's

We’ve carefully chosen our collection of plants to thrive in the fickle British climate and have a range to suit all locations and conditions.

We provide full care instructions with each order and are always available to answer any questions.

We have carefully curated our collection of gifts to ensure that there is a plant suitable for all recipients. Many of our plants can be grown in pots and some of our plants may be grown indoors. The individual page for each product outlines the conditions that each plant prefers.

If you’re still undecided please get in touch and we’ll be able to help you choose a gift to delight even the trickiest to buy for!

We can also let you know which of our plants are looking at their very best in each season.

We give plants a good drink before they leave us and have designed our packaging to keep the plant happy for a few days. It’s essential that any unopened crate be kept in a cool, dark place- well away from direct sunlight or central heating. An unheated shed, cellar or garage is ideal.

During the summer our plants are in full growth and should not be kept in the crates for any longer than 1-2 days. We recommend choosing a delivery date as close as possible to the day it will be opened by the recipient.

In winter many of our plants are dormant and may stay in their crates for up to three weeks, if kept in a cool location, away from central heating.

The following plants are not fully dormant at this time of year and should be delivered in the final week before Christmas: pineapple, banana, passion flower, chilli, orange, lemon, lavender, coffee, strawberry,  mint,  lemon verbena.

Open the box and wriggle your plant free from the wood wool. It will appreciate some sunlight and a good drink after its journey.

Follow the care instructions we provide to get started with planting and growing and help your plant to flourish. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Some of our plants are now sent out with coir mat instead of green moss. It basically does the same thing but more efficiently.

Our clever packaging is not only beautiful and secure but can be recycled, too! Find our more about our packaging here.

We always deliver a healthy specimen which will grow vigorously. Each plant will vary in size and shape depending on the time of year and availability.

Deciduous plants vary in appearance depending on the time of year, and will be dormant and leafless through late autumn to spring. Individual product pages will show which plants are evergreen.

Contact us directly for more information about how plants appear at present.

The ultimate size of each plant depends on location and conditions, and many may be pruned to size. See individual product description pages for the ultimate height of each plant.

Unfortunately this is not guaranteed. All products will vary in size and shape as they are natural living plants and are affected by seasonal variations.

We do our best to make all of our crates available year round but nature is a fickle mistress and some plants are simply not available all year.

Throughout winter many plants will arrive in their dormant and leafless state, but will burst into life as soon as spring arrives.

If you would like to check which plants are looking their best do get in touch and we will let you know.

During winter some of our dormant plants will be delivered root wrapped. We carefully roll the root ball in damp moss, wrap it in plastic to retain the moisture and place them into an attractive hessian bag.

A root wrapped plant should be kept outside or in a cool, sheltered place such as a shed. Kept indoors they will become confused and begin to bud early, which will damage the young plant.

When the final frosts have passed the moss and plastic wrapping may then be removed before planting.

Each plant arrives with full care instructions which simply explain the planting and care process. Following the simple instructions will ensure that the plant will thrive.

Our team are happy to answer any specific horticultural questions, you can contact us here.

We’ve made care guides for some of our plants which you can see here, and we’re working on care guides for all of our plants, so check back soon if you can’t see the one you need.

In the meantime please get in touch if you do have any further questions.