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Ancient Fruits

A fantastic duo of ancient and often forgotten trees: the Medlar and the Quince are both enjoying something of a resurgence of interest as people are rediscovering these attractive and fruitful trees. With their showy blossoms and delicious fruits this pair of trees would make a fantastic addition to any garden. The lucky recipient of this gift will soon be creating delicious rose-coloured jams and jellies with their harvest.


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  • A quince tree ready to plant.
  • A medlar tree ready to plant.
  • Full growing instructions on how best to care for their trees, as well as tips and recipes for their first harvest of delicious fruits.
  • This gift will come beautifully hand packed into one of our gorgeous wooden crates ready to impress for any gift occasion before it's even opened.

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Katherine Ibison


this was a gift. perhaps a little more information about the trees would have been nice for the recipients, e.g. as the are an ancient variety a bit of background about them, and climate and harvest times etc would have been good

Jackie King


They arrived in perfect condition. Easy to use web site .Good packaging and label that told the recipient that it needn't be opened until Christmas

Alex Bradley


Bryson Pottinger


Mark Powell


Perfect present.

Polly Miller


We think that Quince and Medlar trees have been overlooked for far too long and deserve to be as popular today as they were in years gone by.  Both of these beautiful trees will bring flourishes of snow white blossom to your garden and a bounty of unusual fruit into your kitchen.

The eccentrically-shaped Medlar makes the most delectable fantastic rose coloured jellies, and is so pleasingly unsuitable for the supermarket shelves that very few people are lucky enough to try them.

 Rubenesque Quinces can be roasted, transformed into tasty jams and included in Middle Eastern Cuisine. They are beloved by the Spanish who produce delicious Membrillo, a sweet and golden quince cheese.

This is one of the newest products to our range, introduced in 2012 and we are pleased that it has been a hit with our customers ever since.